Did Elvis Ever Preach the Gospel?

Here is one fan’s report:

“I’ll never forget the day his black limo almost ran over me.

I had observed that every time they said, “Elvis has left the building” his limo would be long gone before anybody got out of the concert. So I got this big idea to get out of the concert before Elvis did and stand in the driveway where the limo would be coming out.

When the limo did come it was flying down so fast that when it saw me the driver had to stop suddenly. He missed me by an inch otherwise I wouldn’t be telling this story.

Elvis called for me, I was near the window; he rolled down the window and in a very calm voice said,

“I know you consider me your king, but I am not worth dying for, there is a bigger King who is God whom you should be preparing yourself for”.

I got pimples all over my body. I remember it as if it were yesterday”